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Ray Ubinger - protestor Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA
Resident of Durham Since: 1992
Employer: Duke Medical Center
Job Description: clinical data assistant in cardiology research

Spouse: never married
Children: none

Education: NHS President, Satellite High School, Satellite Beach, FL, 1983
B.A., Mathematics, Duke University, 1987

Offices Held: Army Lieutenant, 1987-1991. For elective office, it's harder to say, since the elections are rigged. The tallies are openly falsified. Thirteen current Durham officials even claim to have won UNANIMOUSLY. This fraudulent situation comes from an illegal ban on write-in voting, passed by the G.A. in 1987.

Interests and Hobbies: Music performance (voice, violin), Opera Co. of NC and Durham Savoyards. Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Libertarian Party. Constitution Gang. You may know me as a guy you see bicycling around town, especially to and from work along Markham Ave. and Hillsborough Rd.
Favorite TV Show: Mystery Science Theater 3000
Hero: John Galt
Favorite Book: A Country With No Name: Tales from the Constitution (Sebastian de Grazia)
Self-ranking on political scale: LIBERTARIAN: extremely liberal on social issues, extremely conservative on economic issues. See "World's Smallest Political Quiz" at