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I want to restore liberty to North Carolina. I want to legalize freedom, and end the war on rights. I want the government out of your home and out of your wallet, as much and as fast as possible, so you can GOVERN YOURSELF and live YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY. Government should leave you alone until and unless evidence arises that you have harmed someone's else's body or property. Specific planks in my current campaign include:

1. Verifiable voting, including the abolition of paperless voting, to require voter-verified PAPER ballots throughout N.C. Until that happens, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO VOTE BY *ABSENTEE* BALLOT, since anyone can do so on request and since absentee ballots are always paper ballots. Electronic-only voting machines are in place in many counties and are coming here too. We must use this way around them.

Also we must repeal the ban on write-in voting (NCGS 163-123). A government that picks and chooses which votes to count is NOT a government of the people. Voting rights are BASIC.

2. Abolish death penalty, except maybe in cases of confession in open court or two witnesses to the overt act. (That's the Constitution's standard of proof of treason.) Murderers don't deserve to live, but, in case of tragic error the penalty is irreversible. Therefore it should be limited as much as possible.

3. Abolish secret searches and secret arrests. The PATRIOT Act basically suspends the Constitution and imposes martial law. We must resist it. We should become the first state in the south to enact a statewide Bill of Rights Defense resolution.

4. Repeal the crimes-against-nature statute and legalize gay marriage in N.C. Equal rights for all! Whatever the government allows for a heterosexual couple, it should also allow for a homosexual couple.

5. Vote only for LOWER annual statewide spending and only for LOWER total annual statewide taxation. Government at all levels is far too big, expensive and intrusive. Explore the John Locke Foundation's proposed alternative state budget. The baisc -legitimate- function of govt is to secure our rights, like the Declaration of Independence says. That means the police, the courts, the military, and the few other things specifically authorized in the Constitution.

6. Legalize -private- lotteries in N.C. Lots of people want "a" lottery. They should have more than a single, boring state-run lottery to play in.

7. End the destructive War on Drugs, and stop prosecuting other victimless crimes too, like gambling and prostitution. Use our precious police resources to go after people who are HURTING or STEALING. Prosecute crimes with VICTIMS. Require the prosecution in all criminal cases to prove the existence of a victim. Require defendants to be allowed to argue the immorality or unconstitutionality of the statute they're being charged under. Allow juries to judge the law as well as the facts. They actually are allowed to already, but they get lied to about that. Bring justice back to the people!

8. Involuntary annexation should be abolished. It devastates people's civic morale. Politicians use it to "expand the tax base," but they never complete their argument, by admitting they'll also have to expand SERVICES. It's just another source of free money to them. Let's downsize government, and let communities have more local control.

9. End random roadblocks. SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS! - well-known words from Nazi Germany. America used to be different. Let's stop presuming guilt, and stop prosecuting people just for exercising their right to remain silent. If you remain silent at a random roadblock, you get HANDCUFFED AND STUFFED IN THE BACK OF A SQUAD CAR for it. I know, because it's happened to me!

I challenge anyone to explain how random roadblocks are even constitutional. N.C. Constitution Article I, Section 20 explicitly requires prior criminal EVIDENCE to be present before any involuntary search or seizure is conducted.